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A Summer of Fun!

I’m not really ready, but it’s almost time to go back to school! Next week I find out who my new teachers will be and I will meet with the school nurse to go over my diabetes care. My mom has been busy getting my school supplies ready which include the normal binders and pencils, but also everything I need in case of a diabetic emergency at school: water bottles and ketone strips for highs, fruit juice and snacks for lows, extra test strips and batteries for my glucose monitor, needles, alcohol wipes, insulin pens… I’m trying not to think about all that, and instead, I’m getting ready for my 13th birthday and remembering all the great things I did this summer. We did ALOT!

A few days after school was over my sister, mom and I left to Florida for a 10 day vacation. We stayed at a resort in Disney World. This was our treehouse for 10 days:

treehouse deck

It had 3 bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen. The view from the deck was great, but we rarely sat out there because it was so hot and full of mosquitos!

We went to all four theme parks at Disney World: Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom & Epcot.




Magic Kingdom

dinoland in animal kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

We also went to Universal Studios Florida & Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The Harry Potter lands were awesome. I think that was the best part of our trip.

hogwarts express

Hogwarts Express

harry potter harry potter ride 126

jpark 182

Since we were in Florida for 10 days, we had plenty of time to do other stuff besides go to amusement parks. For instance, at dinnertime we would take a boat from our treehouse to Downtown Disney and have dinner at the T-Rex Café or a fancy seafood restaurant.

boat to downtown disney

Boat Taxi from our Treehouse to Downtown Disney

out to dinner

Fulton’s Crab House

We also played miniature golf twice!

mini golf 2

Winter Summerland Miniature Golf

pirate mini golf

Pirate’s Cove Miniature Golf

I think my mom’s favorite place to go was the 2 water parks. She was happy to relax all day and read.


Typhoon Lagoon Wave Pool

But one of my other favorite day trips was when we went to Gatorland. I’ve never seen so many alligators in one place!

gatorland gatorland2 257

Walt Disney World was not the only place we visited this summer. We also went to the Discover Science Center, La Brea Tar Pits, Birch Aquarium and LEGOLAND.

discovery science center la brea tar pits2 463 367

It was a great summer, but now I have to start thinking about 7th grade. Just one week to go!

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School is Almost out for Summer!

no breaks

Only a week and a half left of school and I’ll be on summer vacation! Unfortunately my Type 1 Diabetes never takes a break. Sometimes I have easy days with no surprises, and other days I am really working hard to keep my glucose readings just right…


This week was a busy one. I had Open House at school, so I had to rush home to get my homework complete and ate an early dinner to make it to the event on time. My mom built in enough insulin to cover for shaved ice that was going to be sold at the Open House. Sometimes trying to figure out how many carbs are in something that you haven’t made yourself is tricky. Exactly how much syrup did they add to the ice? Did I receive too much insulin or too little? It’s always hard to estimate.


Then there are my super busy days when I am moving non-stop. On those days I start my homework right after I get home from school, eat an early dinner, go to drum lessons, come home and take a shower, go directly to a Boy Scout meeting, and then I’m back home just in time to get my long-acting insulin shot. Usually on days like this I tend to run low (my LOW glucose readings range from 40-70—and I’ve never had a reading below 40). Of course I always carry my diabetes kit with me—no matter what. My mom says as long as I plan for the day and have my medical kit with me, with snacks to help deal with my lows, I can be as healthy as anyone else.


And now it’s time to plan for the next few weeks. I’m really excited about a year-end field trip with all-you-can-eat pizza and non-stop videogame fun, and a summer vacation beginning with a trip to Walt Disney World. I’ve got my diabetes kit and I’m ready to go!


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