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I had a great Christmas this year!

It all started with a trip to a local boys home with my Cub Scout Pack to spread some holiday cheer. We brought presents, sweets and friendship. I hope they liked their gifts. You can barely see me and my sister outside of the home. It had amazing light decorations.

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Next was our last trip to Disneyland with our year-long passes. I hope my dad renews for next year!

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Mrs. Claus was very nice. She even asked what we wanted for Christmas just like Santa!










GRANDMA’S HOUSE! My Grandma and Grandpa Gil live in Lake Isabella, which is 3 hours away, so my parents make sure we are on the road between meals (due to my diabetes). My mom knew my Uncle Kirk and Uncle Bob were making shrimp for dinner so we picked up McDonald’s along the way. I don’t eat anything that swims.


Grandma’s house is all about Family LOVE, presents and lots of dogs…

From left to right: Slick (Uncle Bob & Uncle Kirk’s Dog), Sara (Grandma & Grandpa Gil’s Dog), Sophie (Grandma & Grandpa Gil’s dog), Trixie (Uncle Bob and Uncle Kirk’s dog)…my dog Buster stayed home. He doesn’t play well with others.

048 093 101 109














DUCK DYNASTY! How does this next category fit into my holiday? Well, me, my sister and my dad discovered this crazy show and watched a ton of episodes this month. My sister Alex and I made this for my dad for Christmas. Can you guess who doesn’t belong?


Finally, we took a trip to the Mission Inn in Riverside to see the Festival of Lights. It was cold, but we had fun. There were so many lights! We stopped at Casey’s Cupcakes to pick up some treats for dessert and then headed over to CPK for dinner. It was a great night!

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Casey’s Cupcakes:

Mission Inn 022 Mission Inn 021

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Trip to Disneyland!

Yesterday we went to Disneyland and stayed for 12 hours! That’s a lot of work for my mom. She does not travel light:

This backpack has a cooler on the bottom to hold my insulin, which must be kept cool at all times. She also has my blood glucose monitor, emergency glucose kit, needles, bandaids, lancets, water, juices, snacks and my lunch that has been “carb counted”. Plus she has to carry her stuff and a camera so she can take this year’s Christmas card picture on the Disneyland sleigh.

We’re here! CarsLand is all decorated for Christmas. Even Mater:

While we are having fun I need to check my blood sugar level every two hours. Because of all the walking my levels can get low. Today it was like a roller coaster ride…up and down. My lowest was 60 and my highest was 172. After my 60 reading my mom was crazy nervous and asked me every 20 minutes how I was feeling. I feel great! We are at Disneyland!

Before we can have lunch, I have to check my levels and get an insulin shot. Luckily, Disneyland and California Adventure have first aid stations that look like hospitals. It’s a lot more comfortable than getting a shot in a bathroom stall.

Here we are at the picnic area outside of Disneyland. My mom was already tired and wanting to take a nap, but we were ready for more! (my sister is always on her phone)

Because of all the walking my mom let me have extra carbs:  popcorn and even chocolate! I try to keep a good attitude about my new way of eating. I know what I can have and what I can’t have. My parents always try to work in sweets for me on the weekends with my meals. That’s just the way my life is now. I try not to let things tempt me, but this was just too much!

Kidding! It wasn’t even real : )

It’s been a long day and my mom is ready to go home. She bought a gingerbread latte at the new Starbucks at California Adventure, and we took one last photo with Mickey. It was a great day!

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