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Diabetic Monkeys

I thought I knew a lot about animals, but on a recent trip to the Los Angeles Zoo, I learned something new. Monkeys can have diabetes, too!

zoo1 2013 zoo2 2013

zoo3 2013

When we read the sign on the cage, my mom did a double take. confused-face[3]    There weren’t any zoo keepers or volunteers around to ask about the monkeys, so when we got home, my mom and I did some research on the internet. It seems that a monkey can get diabetes 100 times quicker than a human. My mom says that the zoo monkeys probably have Type 2 Diabetes, since Type 1 in monkeys is much rarer. I just hope people visiting the zoo read the sign and NOT feed the monkeys.  DSCN3227

Here are some other pictures from our zoo trip:

zoo7 2013 zoo6 2013 zoo5 2013 zoo4 2013 zoo15 2013 zoo14 2013 zoo12 2013 zoo17 2013 zoo16 2013 zoo10 2013 zoo8 2013 zoo9 2013

zoo13 2013 zoo11 2013

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