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I just got back from a check-up with my endocrinologist. My glucose numbers have been a little high lately so she made some changes to my slow-acting insulin daily injection—Lantus. Its seems to be working because my glucose numbers have been more regular. My mom is very happy!

And speaking of making my mom happy, I made up for something I did at Christmas… I don’t always have good days. Sometimes my glucose numbers run high, and sometimes low. When they get low (hypoglycemia) I get irritable.

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A low glucose reading might not have been the reason I upset her, but I’m going to go with that. I got angry about something and tore her Christmas gift in half. It was a picture of me taken at school in a card with a poem I wrote. She wasn’t happy. But, today my teacher let us take home the copy we made for the classroom, so I was able to fix my mistake. She was VERY happy.


My winter eyes behold,

whales swimming in the frozen sea,

wrapped up presents under a tree,

snowballs piled up outside.

My winter eyes behold.

~Jonathan Torres

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It’s not the sugar, it’s the carbs! But the sugar matters, too…what???

untitledFor the hundredth time my mom tried explaining this to me again today. I still don’t totally get it, and I’m the one with the diabetes! My mom said she’s going to have me start counting carbs more often so I don’t make another mistake. Anyway, I guess I should tell you the story…

We had a Valentine’s party in my class today. My mom told me that if the party was at snack time, I could have a Go-Gurt, a couple of strawberries and a tiny bit of Goldfish crackers. If the party was at lunch, I could have whatever I wanted, but the nurse had to figure the carbs into my lunch.  Well, the party was at snack time and I had what my mom told me I could have, plus a piece of sugar-free banana bread. I thought I could have it since it was sugar-free, but when I went to the school nurse to get my lunchtime insulin shot, my glucose level shot up higher than a rocket! I had to get 2 extra units of insulin just to bring me back down. I knew when my mom saw my number for the day, she was going to freak out. Well, she did a little, and then explained the whole sugar versus carbs thing again.


You see, if I have this package of crackers, I am eating 24 grams of carbohydrates, which means I need 1.3 units of insulin to balance my glucose level (my ratio is 18 to 1, and may be different from other diabetics). IF the sugar grams were also at 24, then it would most likely be a piece of candy and I wouldn’t be allowed to eat this until the weekend, BUT, since these crackers have only 6 grams of sugar (1/4th the amount of carbs), I can eat them as long as I get a shot of insulin to cover for the carbs. Because I only get shots at mealtimes, I have to work in things like these crackers into my meal. OTHERWISE, I can only have snacks that are well under 18 grams to avoid a shot. Get it? No? I know, it’s a lot of information!!!

My mom said banana bread is about 35 grams of carbs–no wonder my number was so high! I guess I have a lot still to learn about diabetes. Luckily I have my whole life ahead of me and plenty of time! I’m just looking forward to this weekend so I can dive into that pile of Valentine’s candy I just got! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Sharing, Disney, Family, Duck Dynasty & Lights

I had a great Christmas this year!

It all started with a trip to a local boys home with my Cub Scout Pack to spread some holiday cheer. We brought presents, sweets and friendship. I hope they liked their gifts. You can barely see me and my sister outside of the home. It had amazing light decorations.

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Next was our last trip to Disneyland with our year-long passes. I hope my dad renews for next year!

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Mrs. Claus was very nice. She even asked what we wanted for Christmas just like Santa!










GRANDMA’S HOUSE! My Grandma and Grandpa Gil live in Lake Isabella, which is 3 hours away, so my parents make sure we are on the road between meals (due to my diabetes). My mom knew my Uncle Kirk and Uncle Bob were making shrimp for dinner so we picked up McDonald’s along the way. I don’t eat anything that swims.


Grandma’s house is all about Family LOVE, presents and lots of dogs…

From left to right: Slick (Uncle Bob & Uncle Kirk’s Dog), Sara (Grandma & Grandpa Gil’s Dog), Sophie (Grandma & Grandpa Gil’s dog), Trixie (Uncle Bob and Uncle Kirk’s dog)…my dog Buster stayed home. He doesn’t play well with others.

048 093 101 109














DUCK DYNASTY! How does this next category fit into my holiday? Well, me, my sister and my dad discovered this crazy show and watched a ton of episodes this month. My sister Alex and I made this for my dad for Christmas. Can you guess who doesn’t belong?


Finally, we took a trip to the Mission Inn in Riverside to see the Festival of Lights. It was cold, but we had fun. There were so many lights! We stopped at Casey’s Cupcakes to pick up some treats for dessert and then headed over to CPK for dinner. It was a great night!

Mission Inn 030 Mission Inn 029 Mission Inn 019 Mission Inn 014 Mission Inn 007 Mission Inn 004



























Casey’s Cupcakes:

Mission Inn 022 Mission Inn 021

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