Earth Day

Today is Earth Day!


Today is my kind of day. I have always loved animals and nature, so today is the day to celebrate both! Tonight my family and I will spend time together by candle light and not use electricity between 7 and 8PM, just like we do during Earth Hour which was this past March 28th.

Dealing with diabetes everyday creates a lot of waste. Test strips, alcohol swabs, pen needles and insulin pens have to be disposed of properly, especially when there is blood involved. That’s a lot of plastic and a lot of waste! It’s important to me and my family to make sure we do what we can to minimize our waste in other areas.

  • We recycle paper, plastic, aluminum and glass
  • We always take reusable grocery bags to the market
  • I take a thermos with my ice water to school everyday (instead of taking a plastic bottle)
  • We have solar panels on our roof
  • We donate our time and money to the Surfrider Foundation (beach cleanup) and The Jacques Cousteau Society
  • We compost (that’s me in the picture composting what’s left of my breakfast… a banana peel)

Of course we could do a lot more, but at least this is a start. I hope you are helping to take care of our earth as well. It’s the only one we’ve got!

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