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Problems and Solutions

I just got back from a check-up with my endocrinologist. My glucose numbers have been a little high lately so she made some changes to my slow-acting insulin daily injection—Lantus. Its seems to be working because my glucose numbers have been more regular. My mom is very happy!

And speaking of making my mom happy, I made up for something I did at Christmas… I don’t always have good days. Sometimes my glucose numbers run high, and sometimes low. When they get low (hypoglycemia) I get irritable.

ccccc  ddddd

A low glucose reading might not have been the reason I upset her, but I’m going to go with that. I got angry about something and tore her Christmas gift in half. It was a picture of me taken at school in a card with a poem I wrote. She wasn’t happy. But, today my teacher let us take home the copy we made for the classroom, so I was able to fix my mistake. She was VERY happy.


My winter eyes behold,

whales swimming in the frozen sea,

wrapped up presents under a tree,

snowballs piled up outside.

My winter eyes behold.

~Jonathan Torres

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Diabetes Diagnosis Anniversary


(waiting for the endocrinologist)

Today marks one year since I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I guess you could call it an anniversary, but so far, it hasn’t been a very happy one. My endocrinologist had me take some tests. They weren’t math or spelling tests, but they were just as bad. I had to pee in a cup minecraft_creeper_coming_out_wallpaper, and I had to get a blood test minecraft_v3_by_polishxcii-d5f9ixp ! Even though I get 5 shots a day, having blood taken directly from your vein really hurts. The only good thing about it was the Lego set I got from my mom for having to go through it all. But wait, there’s more. I also had to have my eyes checked and dilated minecraft-steve-wallpaper-i7 ! I had to wear these big weird sun glasses after I left the optometrist because my eyes were sensitive to light. It was even hard to see the directions for my Lego set.

I guess now that all those tests are behind me, I can celebrate my first year with diabetes. It hasn’t been all bad. At least I get to take time off from school for tests and appointments minecraft-steve_3892071.

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My first Dr. Appointment

Today I had my first doctor’s appointment since my diagnosis. My endocrinologist (doctor who specializes in imbalances including diabetes) said my parents and I are doing a great job taking care of my diabetes. My numbers have been good, but I am still in the “honeymoon” phase, which means my body is still producing a little bit of insulin so I’m not ready for an insulin pump.

The good thing about the appointment was I got out of school and played on my iTouch the whole time. The bad thing about the appointment was that my doctor said I need to inject my insulin in my tummy more often. Blah!


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