Problems and Solutions

I just got back from a check-up with my endocrinologist. My glucose numbers have been a little high lately so she made some changes to my slow-acting insulin daily injection—Lantus. Its seems to be working because my glucose numbers have been more regular. My mom is very happy!

And speaking of making my mom happy, I made up for something I did at Christmas… I don’t always have good days. Sometimes my glucose numbers run high, and sometimes low. When they get low (hypoglycemia) I get irritable.

ccccc  ddddd

A low glucose reading might not have been the reason I upset her, but I’m going to go with that. I got angry about something and tore her Christmas gift in half. It was a picture of me taken at school in a card with a poem I wrote. She wasn’t happy. But, today my teacher let us take home the copy we made for the classroom, so I was able to fix my mistake. She was VERY happy.


My winter eyes behold,

whales swimming in the frozen sea,

wrapped up presents under a tree,

snowballs piled up outside.

My winter eyes behold.

~Jonathan Torres

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2 thoughts on “Problems and Solutions

  1. Aunt Rose

    Hi John, we all have good and bad days for different reasons, but I’m so glad that you made sure that you squared it with Mom, that is a very nice poem and I can see why she would be so happy with her gift. Never forget that she loves you more than life it self and is there for you no matter what. My hat is off to you, you took care of it the way a young man should.

  2. Gali

    Johnny, you are such a sweetheart! We love you so much! –The Archuletas!

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