Diabetic Monkeys

I thought I knew a lot about animals, but on a recent trip to the Los Angeles Zoo, I learned something new. Monkeys can have diabetes, too!

zoo1 2013 zoo2 2013

zoo3 2013

When we read the sign on the cage, my mom did a double take. confused-face[3]    There weren’t any zoo keepers or volunteers around to ask about the monkeys, so when we got home, my mom and I did some research on the internet. It seems that a monkey can get diabetes 100 times quicker than a human. My mom says that the zoo monkeys probably have Type 2 Diabetes, since Type 1 in monkeys is much rarer. I just hope people visiting the zoo read the sign and NOT feed the monkeys.  DSCN3227

Here are some other pictures from our zoo trip:

zoo7 2013 zoo6 2013 zoo5 2013 zoo4 2013 zoo15 2013 zoo14 2013 zoo12 2013 zoo17 2013 zoo16 2013 zoo10 2013 zoo8 2013 zoo9 2013

zoo13 2013 zoo11 2013

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2 thoughts on “Diabetic Monkeys

  1. Rose Martinez

    Hi John, thanks for sharing your pictures and your interesting find on these monkeys.
    You Guys sure looked like you were having fun!
    It was nice to see you at Easter, you sure found a lot of eggs, good for you!
    Love you, see you soon.
    Love Aunt Rose

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